Equity Investment


In finance equity investment is a very important concept. An equity investment is a type of investment that is invested by individuals or firms. It involves the buying and selling of stock. It is directed by regular trading exchange. In equity investment there is a huge possibility to face greater loss as well as greater profit. To be successful in equity investment it requires a substantially higher level of research and monitoring investment.

Equity investment is a long time investment. The investors cannot expect their desired goals within a short time. Therefore it is a long time process of developing wealth. The equity investment can also be fund for gaining ownership in a private company.

Some advantages of equity investment are following:

  • In equity investment there is no interest charged on the determined fund.
  • Investor can utilize their knowledge and skill directly in equity investment.
  • There is a huge possibility for the investors to gain a greater profit in return.
  • There is a loss control policy in equity in equity investment.
  • It is not important to keep up with costs of servicing bank loans or debt finance in equity investment.

Some of the disadvantages of equity investment are following:

  • Higher risk of loss is a very significant disadvantage of equity investment.
  • Financing in equity investment is demanding, costly which creates problems to the investors.
  • Decision taking right becomes shared to several bodies who are investing.

Whatever, there are both advantage and disadvantage in equity investment but the advantages attracts the investors most. It assures securities for the investors in their mutual fund and joint venture. So, if anyone wants to invest his capital focusing on the above facts then he will find equity investment as one of the best options.